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We have several styles to choose from!


Style 1: Gag Gutter

Style 2: The Rotter


Style 3: Redneck Down Spout



If our installation leaks, spend a couple of bucks on some caulking!

Style 4: The OverHanger

Style5: The Shorty



Trim is an essential part of a metal roof. Trim is what helps seal all joints where the roofing panels change direction. Trim also adds to the aesthetic quality of the roof. This section will help describe some of the basic trim components necessary on a metal roof... even if we don't install much of it.

We have only one style of Gable Trim - The "Bird's Nest Condo"




Our "Don't Worry" Ridge Caps and Vents (Reminder: Click on the pics!)








Our Extra-Length Metal and Stand-Off Rake Trim Is Stylish!




If you're asking for better construction than this, "you just can't be satisfied!"  Kevin Sanchez

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